Shawn McEachern

I want to thank Leiden Woodworking for their work on our varsity locker room. The process from start to finish was professional and timely.  Bruce was wonderful to work with and the install was hassle free as promised.  Our football, hockey and lacrosse teams rave about the new locker rooms.  Thank you!

Michael Duffy

Adrian College was late in processing which avenue to take in deciding the type of lockers for the new Arrington Ice Arena. As we contacted numerous vendors, Leiden Woodworking assured Adrian College they could complete this project in six to eight weeks. Leiden started production of the wood lockers from scratch on August 5, 2007 and installed the last locker on September 15, 2007 (Just seven weeks from start to finish).

The workmanship and quality of the lockers (109 wooden ice hockey lockers, 56 wooden changing lockers, 3 stick racks and 4 video cabinets) surpassed the recommendation received for Leiden woodworking. The delivery time, professionalism and workmanship delivered a superior product.

Leiden's willingness to help adjust and rearrange rooms for maximum efficiency only adds to the reasons that Adrian College would recommend Leiden Woodworking for future locker needs.

Adrian College would be more than willing to have you visit our facility or we could forward pictures.

K. Scott Monaghan

USA Hockey's National Team Development Program entered its second decade of operation with the need for update and upgrade our locker room facilities. The NTDP trains the top 46 under-18 players in the United States each year, and sends them to represent the country in tournaments all over the World.

Leiden Woodworking did an outstanding job of working with us to develop a plan for both of our locker rooms and create changing stalls for our players. Bruce Leiden also helped us to 'redesign' the space we use and to maximize it for our coaches' benefit.

Bruce had the green light on construction around August 1 and had all our equipment in place by the first week of September. He was also willing and able to make adjustments on the fly.

The quality of the workmanship is second to none. The effort and experience is tremendous. And the result was a great improvement for us. I would highly encourage you to utilize Bruce Leiden and his folks to put together your plans and locker room.

As well, if you would like a picture or look at our facility to compare, you are welcome to contact me.